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Retainers Direct makes it so easy to stop unwanted tooth movement by simply sleeping in a clear retainer.

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When you buy a clear retainer online from Retainers Direct, we will send you everything you need for us to make clear retainers specifically for you. In your perfect impression kit, you will receive the necessary supplies to create a perfect impression of your teeth.

Our Clear retainers are Simply designed to hold your teeth in place and stop any unwanted movement that often happens over time. Sleeping in a retainer protects your teeth from minor clenching and grinding.X

Will these retainers move or straighten my teeth?

I have my own models or scan, can you make a retainer from these?


Yes, as long as the model is accurate and has no broken teeth we can make an ideal retainer from it. If your teeth have moved since that model was made the retainer may not fit properly. As far as a scan of your teeth, email us and we will let you know how to send that scan so we can make your retainers.X


Usually we do not have to take another impression to make a replacement retainer. Sometimes, we will need a new impression because impressions can tear during the process. Please check out our membership program ( Retain4Life). It allows you to get discounted retainers for up to three years from your initial impressions or scan.X

I have ordered from you before, do I need to take another impression?

How long do your retainers last?


Our clear retainers can last many years, if cared for properly. Store them in their case and keep away from high heat and dogs. Alightener foam is an ideal product to keep your retainers fresh and maintain your pearly white smile.X