Follow the instructions closely to get the best possible impressions.

Step 1

Open your kit by cutting the clear plastic tab on the front of the box and lifting the flap. Be careful not to damage the box, you'll need to use it later to send your impressions back to us. Select the tray that fits your mouth best. It should comfortably fit all the way in your mouth, and your teeth should touch the bottom. The middle of the tray should match the middle of your face.

Step 2

Make sure your hands are clean before handling the putty to avoid any contamination from dust or dirt. Open one putty base and one catalyst.

Step 3

Mix the blue base and the white catalyst together, kneading with fingers until they are one uniform color. It is best to complete this step within 45 seconds.

Step 4

Roll the putty into a log and place it into the tray in a u shape. Do not press down. the putty should reach all the way to the back of the tray.

Step 5

Place the tray in your mouth so that your teeth are positioned over the center of the putty log. Push the tray upward until it stops, with your teeth going into the center of the putty. Hold the tray in place with your thumbs for three minutes without moving the tray. If the tray moves during this time the impression will be inaccurate. 

Step 6

Once the putty is set, open your mouth and pull the tray straight down to remove it. If needed, use your fingers to break the suction of the tray by pushing on the back of it.

Step 7

the process to make your lower impression, most people use the same size upper and lower trays. if you make a mistake with one of your impressions, there is an extra set of putty included in your kit.