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How It Works

Watch our Demonstrational Video or Read the steps Between you and your New Clear Retainers.

Step 1: Ordering

Order your Perfect Impression Kit on our website. Simple
"Add-To-Cart" Process.

Step 2: How To Use

Once you receive your Perfect Impression Kit, watch the Perfect Impression Video and follow the instructions provided to create your perfect impression.

Step 3: Pre-Paid Returns

Mail us back your impressions in the pre-paid envelope.

Step 4: Manufacturing

Once we have received your impressions, we make your custom retainer from to your perfect impressions.

Step 5: #SmileForever

Receive your new retainers delivered directly at your door step. We store a 3D file of your teeth if you ever need another retainer.

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Retainers Direct is the best kept Orthodontist secret online. The fast, easy, and affordable solution for custom clear retainers, teeth whitening kits, and more. Do not sacrifice quality get top Orthodontist approved retainers sent directly to your door for a fraction of the price.

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