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Zoom Clear Upper Teeth Retainer (Orthodontic Certified)
Zoom Clear Upper Teeth Retainer (Orthodontic Certified)
Zoom Clear Upper Teeth Retainer (Orthodontic Certified)
Zoom Clear Upper Teeth Retainer (Orthodontic Certified)

Clear Upper Teeth Retainer (Orthodontic Certified)

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Protect your smile and teeth from unwanted dental problems with an inexpensive, but durable clear plastic retainer from Retainers Direct. Our retainers are made from a thermoplastic material that is stronger than acrylic, the material most retainers are made of. You can make your own impression at home so you won't have to pay hundreds of dollars at the dentist's office.

More About Our Upper Clear Retainers

Our latest retainer material (Gt Flex) is considered the highest quality plastic on the market. It is invisible when worn and extremely resistant to staining and breakage when treated with care. It is FDA approved, BPA, phthalate and gluten free. All clear retainers are made according to orthodontic specialist practice standards under the supervision of a board-certified orthodontist.

We also have a "30 DAY PERFECT FIT GUARANTEE". No one likes to spend a lot of money on products that don’t work, which is why Retainers Direct offers a 30 day money back guarantee. If our customers are dissatisfied with the quality or fit of their Retainers, we will address the issue and fix the problem.

Clear Upper Teeth Retainer (Orthodontic Certified)

$84.99 Regular price

How It Works

Receive your Perfect Impression kit

After ordering your Perfect Impression Kit online, we send it off directly to your door step. All you need to do is follow the instructions in your complete kit, and you'll have your first Perfect Impression ready in no time.

Send your kit back to us in the mail

You now have your impressions ready to send back and be used to form and complete your new clear retainers. Follow our instructions for mailing back your kit to make sure we get it safely.

3D printed retainer formed to your Perfect Impression

After we receive your impressions back, we then prepare them to be 3D printed (perfect retainer every time), and packaged up to be sent right back to your doorstep.


How do the retainers work?

In the beginning, we will send you an at home impression kit with instructions on how to capture a perfect impression of your teeth. Don’t worry, it is not difficult! It is very important to get an ideal impression so Retainers direct can make a perfect model of your teeth. From these models, Retainers Direct will fabricate beautiful, clear and comfortable retainers that fit intimately around your teeth. 

Remember, these retainers will simply hold your teeth where they are and prevent further movement. They will not straighten your teeth!

Will these retainers Straighten my teeth?

Retainers are made to just hold your teeth in their current position so they don't move over time.


Are my teeth moving?

Adult teeth tend to continually move over a lifetime. This movement occurs because of the many forces placed on teeth from everyday chewing as well as from forces placed on the teeth by muscles and abnormal actions such as clenching and grinding. Studies show that teeth slowly and continually drift towards the front of the mouth over a lifetime in the vast majority of adults and the usual result is crowding of the front teeth, especially the lower front teeth. People previously treated orthodontically can also experience changes over time.

Studies show the dental arches get narrower and teeth want to move back toward their position prior to orthodontic treatment. These movements are often slow in the beginning and then people report that “all of a sudden they started moving a lot!”. In actuality, the teeth were always slowly shifting, when the front teeth become crowded and rotated enough, the contacts of the teeth shifted past one another, now the teeth have space to move much more freely. This is when people notice bigger changes in their teeth due to this increased crowding and rotations. This unwanted movement can be prevented by sleeping in a clear retainer at night

Will shifting teeth cause problems with my teeth later?

No one knows how much or over what period of time your teeth will shift. When teeth move away from their ideal aligned position, or the position they erupted into, many potential problems arise. Crowded and rotated teeth are more difficult to clean and tend to be more susceptible to bacterial attack on the teeth and gums. This can eventually lead to tooth decay, infection in the gums (gingivitis) and bone (periodontitis) which can lead to costly dental work and the eventual loss of teeth.

Any infection in the body is dangerous and can spread to other parts of the body as well. This shifting of teeth can also negatively affect the subjects bite (occlusion) which can lead to abnormal wear and damage to the teeth and potential arthritic changes in the jaw joint (temporomandibular joint or TMJ).

I am happy with my teeth and smile but notice some small changes, can I stop this shifting?

The great news is that studies show that the majority of people can stop this negative movement by simply sleeping in a clear orthodontic retainer at night. 

These retainers also serve to protect the teeth from minor clenching and grinding that often occur in stressful times when we sleep. In addition, these retainers can be used as bleaching trays for whitening the teeth.


How many hours per day do I have to wear the retainer to keep my teeth from moving?

This is a tricky question because everyone is different. Some people’s teeth have a tendency to move faster than others and a few very fortunate people’s teeth may not move at all. The great news is it is simple to adjust your wearing habits to meet your individual needs. The retainers conform to each individual tooth and fit snugly but passively on the teeth. If slight movement occurs while not wearing the retainers than those retainers will feel tight (because the teeth moved slightly) when placed back on the teeth.

If this movement is very small the retainer will move the teeth back to their initial position and the retainers will become passive again. Ideally, we want you to wear the retainers enough time to keep the teeth from moving and allow the retainers to always be passive (not actively moving teeth but instead just holding them). For most people 6-8 hours per night is sufficient to keep teeth from moving.

What if my teeth have already moved and I wish to improve my alignment and/or bite?

Orthodontic movement of teeth is much different than simply holding teeth in their current position. It is very important to see an Orthodontic Specialist if you are unhappy with your smile and bite. Proper diagnosis and individual treatment planning is crucial to achieving a beautiful smile and functional bite that will last over time.

An Orthodontic Specialist, usually just called an Orthodontist, completes a 2-3 year advanced education, after dental school, that concentrates on proper movement and alignment of teeth as well as guiding the teeth together so they fit and function ideally.

Can I whiten my teeth using my new clear retainers?

Absolutely, our clear retainers are ideal for at home whitening and Retainers Direct is proud to offer several options to brighten your smile. Alightener Foam is brand new product that is both a tooth whitener and retainer cleaner and disinfectant. This product is ideal for people with very sensitive teeth and as a “touch up” to keep your teeth white and your retainers bright. Retainers Direct also offers a whitening Pen that is an ideal way to whiten your teeth with minimal risk of sensitivity. This pen is ideal to drastically lighten your teeth in the comfort of your own home. The whitening agent is 14% Carbamide Peroxide which is ideal to maximize whitening and minimize sensitivity.

Customer Reviews

Based on 916 reviews
Samuel Lee
Amazing service and product

This review is long overdue, but I wanted to write one because how much I appreciate Darren and his service. I’m astounded that the actual doctor is the customer service role. My teeth have been something very particular and difficult to maintain because the retainers are always cracking or my teeth are shifting. Luckily, retainers direct kept my molds and were able to charge me a reasonable price to replace my retainers now I feel very comfortable knowing that I could easily send in a request for replacements and can forever keep my smile. It is a very cost-effective way and much better alternative then going to the dentist. Thank you again Darren.

Valerie Teehan
I can’t say enough

I can’t say enough. I was scared to have my retainers made by mail order but to my absolute surprise they were perfect. I received a note that there was a modification made so was worried, I put them on and they fit better then my original ones. So happy will use them again and I am having my Daughter order a pair as well.

eileen coy
Customer service was great

Customer service was great. Replied back and answered questions in a timely manner. Would definitely order from them again.

Great service and they make great…

Great service and they make great retainers. They were super responsive when I was making my impressions at home and had questions, and they made the perfect adjustments on their end to make sure my retainers fit. Highly recommend! One thing - I do wish they supplied me with two cases, given that I purchased two sets of retainers. Seems like an obvious thing to include.

Sahirah Dean
Not recommended

Kit arrived quickly... retainer tray ws too bid for my son so I reached out and requested a smaller one. Upon arrival we did the impression and sent it off. We did use all of the putty sent. We received the retainers back nd they did not fit at all do I reached out to let them know. Bring that I did not have any more putty, Darren informed me that I had to purchase more and pay shipping. I asked if there were any guarantees they could offer if I bought more putty to try this again...he offered none. I then requested a refund. He told me that their policy is 30 days however it clearly states 60 on website. He then told me he could refund upon receiving items back. No apologies for miscommunication or things not working out. I was happy to pay to send items back to be done with entire experience. I would not recommend.


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