The idea for Retainers direct came from the numerous patients that have come to see us in our orthodontic practice over the years. Many people report that their teeth are slowly moving, and they are worried it will worsen or cause problems in the future. Often these people are still happy with their smiles and are not interested in straightening their teeth: they just "don't want them to get worse." Clear retainers can be worn at night to stop this drifting of the teeth, protect the teeth from minor clenching and grinding and allow for whitening of your teeth. 

That is when I had the idea that I can provide this same service to people in the comfort of their own home. I developed my own impression kit and a system so anyone can take a perfect impression. Making fantastic retainers is easy: we are already experts because we do it for our patients every day!

So, whether you lost your retainer, want to preserve your smile or just want a brighter smile- Retainers Direct is the industry expert that can help you keep your smile healthy and bright.