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Zoom Retainer and Whitening Bundle for Two

Retainer and Whitening Bundle for Two

This bundle contains all the contents of the Retainer and Whitening bundle but for two people:

  • 2 sets of premium clear retainers
  • 4 tubes of Alightener Foam
  • 4 Whitening pens
  • 2 sets of additional putty

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      Retainer and Whitening Bundle for Two


      Orthodontic Certified

      Fast Shipping

      Perfect Fit Guarantee

      Ordering Your Custom Clear Retainer Has Never Been Easier!

      Receive your perfect Impression kit

      When you order your retainer, we will send you our Perfect Impression Kit so we can make a perfect mold for your teeth.

      Send your impression back in the mail

      Once we have received your impressions, we make your custom retainer for a perfect match to your teeth.

      Receive tour Custom Clear Retainers

      Receive your new retainers delivered directly at your door step. We store a 3D file of your teeth if you ever need another retainer(at a discounted price).

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      Loving Your Smile Has Never Been Easier

      Gone are the days of having to spend thousands on retainers with your local orthodontist. With Retainers Direct, we make it quick and easy to order your custom clear retainers at a fraction of the cost. Plus, they are shipped right to your door!

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How do the retainers work?

      In the beginning, we will send you an at home impression kit with instructions on how to capture a perfect impression of your teeth. Don’t worry, it is not difficult! It is very important to get an ideal impression so Retainers direct can make a perfect model of your teeth. From these models, Retainers Direct will fabricate beautiful, clear and comfortable retainers that fit intimately around your teeth. Remember, these retainers will simply hold your teeth where they are and prevent further movement. They will not straighten your teeth!


      Will these retainers straighten my teeth?

      Retainers are made to just hold your teeth in their current position so they don't move over time.


      How many hours per day do I have to wear the retainer to keep my teeth from moving?

      This is a tricky question because everyone is different. Some people’s teeth have a tendency to move faster than others and a few very fortunate people’s teeth may not move at all. The great news is it is simple to adjust your wearing habits to meet your individual needs. The retainers conform to each individual tooth and fit snugly but passively on the teeth. If slight movement occurs while not wearing the retainers than those retainers will feel tight (because the teeth moved slightly) when placed back on the teeth. If this movement is very small the retainer will move the teeth back to their initial position and the retainers will become passive again. Ideally, we want you to wear the retainers enough time to keep the teeth from moving and allow the retainers to always be passive (not actively moving teeth but instead just holding them). For most people 6-8 hours per night is sufficient to keep teeth from moving.

      Can I whiten my teeth using my new clear retainers?

      Absolutely, our clear retainers are ideal for at home whitening and Retainers Direct is proud to offer several options to brighten your smile. Alightener Foam is brand new product that is both a tooth whitener and retainer cleaner and disinfectant. This product is ideal for people with very sensitive teeth and as a “touch up” to keep your teeth white and your retainers bright. Retainers Direct also offers a whitening Pen that is an ideal way to whiten your teeth with minimal risk of sensitivity. This pen is ideal to drastically lighten your teeth in the comfort of your own home. The whitening agent is 14% Carbamide Peroxide which is ideal to maximize whitening and minimize sensitivity.


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