Society's beauty standards put a lot of pressure on people to look certain ways — having perfect, straight teeth is one of them. While it might sound superficial at first, there are also some smart and practical reasons to seek a well-aligned smile. Consider the following ways that having straight teeth can improve your quality of life.

Confidence Boost

When we feel good about our appearance, it shows. Even just trying on a flattering outfit makes us strut out of the fitting room to show off to our friends (and anyone else who might be in the waiting area).

On the contrary, it also becomes evident when we don’t feel comfortable with ourselves. This is especially true in people who don’t have straight teeth. Focusing on hiding your teeth all the time can make you less likely to cut loose and smile or laugh, even when you want to. It’s hard to feel good about yourself when there’s a part you’re constantly trying to keep hidden.

Investing in braces, or even just teeth whitening, and using a dental retainer to prevent unwanted teeth movement can greatly increase your confidence and overall happiness. Being able to smile and freely display your healthy teeth can do wonders for your self-esteem.

Improved Perceptions

Remember how we said not smiling because you’re hiding your teeth can negatively impact how you feel? Well, it can negatively affect how others feel about you, too. Smiling is an important gesture in our society: it tells others that we are friendly, engaged, and happy to be interacting with them. Not smiling sends people the opposite signal, causing them to shy away from us.

Additionally, as much as we’d like to think we don’t judge people based on appearances, our brains are always making snap judgments of new people. Many of our initial perceptions are fueled by those pesky societal beauty standards we mentioned earlier. A study from the American Journal of Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics reports that people with straight teeth were 10% more likely to be deemed popular, athletic, and good leaders by others. Having straight teeth and the improved perceptions that go with them, can land you a better job and help you gain access to other avenues of success. It’s amazing what a few perfect pearly whites can do.

Better Health

We all know how important it is to brush our teeth and floss regularly — it’s been hammered into our heads since we were toddlers. But we shouldn’t take care of our teeth just for the sake of our teeth. Oral health can affect the well-being of your entire body.

Poor oral hygiene has been linked to several diseases and conditions. One of them, endocarditis, is an infection of your heart’s inner lining. It’s typically caused when bacteria or germs from your mouth (or other body parts) enter the bloodstream and spread to previously damaged areas of your heart. Cardiovascular disease can also be instigated by infections or inflammations from oral bacteria.

The reason straight teeth can help negate the above conditions is simply that they are easier to clean. Crooked teeth are harder to clean thoroughly because of their many nooks and crannies where plaque and germs can thrive. It’s much easy to cover every surface of well-aligned teeth.

How Retainers Can Help

A quick disclaimer: as their name suggests, retainers are made for retaining tooth alignment. In other words, if you want straight teeth, you should see a licensed orthodontist and invest in braces or other dental aligners to get them.

This isn’t to say that retainers are any less important. After your braces come off, your teeth suddenly can shift freely again.

In fact, even if you were blessed with a naturally perfect smile, your teeth will still move over time!

If you don’t use some form of a retainer, you will eventually notice your teeth losing their perfect alignment. Wearing a retainer, even if it’s only overnight, will greatly reduce the chances of your teeth sliding out of place.

Clear retainers are the perfect solution for your new, perfect teeth. They’re practically invisible and can be worn day or night. And Retainers Direct makes them affordable and convenient! We’ll send a molding kit straight to your door so you can take impressions of your teeth from the comfort of your home — no need for another dentist or orthodontist appointment. Once our team of highly experienced dental specialists create a clear retainer from your impressions, we’ll send your customized retainer kit.

Getting a replacement retainer is easy, too! We save digital scans of your impression kit in our database, meaning you don’t have to take a new mold every time you need a new retainer. It’s an easy, cost-effective solution to keeping your teeth straight and your smile confident!

Again, if your teeth aren’t straight yet, your first step is to see a licensed orthodontist to get them straightened. But once your smile is aligned, a clear retainer is the perfect way to keep it that way.

Ready to get started? Visit our How To Buy page for more information and order your clear retainers today!