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Orthodontic Partners

"We take care of long term retention so you don't have to"
I am an orthodontist in New Mexico and started Retainers Direct three years ago. I repeatedly saw patients in my office that weren't interested in straightening their teeth, they just didn't want them to get worse.  So, I developed an impression kit and a video to teach customers how to take their own impressions and started Retainers Direct. The growth process was slow in the beginning but is Gang Busters now! We have now proven that we can make quality retainers at a fair price and are interested in partnering with orthodontists to take over long term retention of your patients.
How can we help you?
  • Our Retain4Life program takes long term retention off of your schedule. You take a scan at the removal appointments and provide them the first set of retainers then send us the STL file and let them know you paid for them to be members of Retain4Life. If the patient ever needs another retainer, they call us and for 49.00 we provide a clear retainer off the STL you sent us.
  • We provide you with marketing materials so you can promote this as a selling point to your new patients as well as a service to your current patients. 
  • I believe that the largest issue facing orthodontists in the future is remaining busy without appearing too busy. If you never have to see a routine retainer check (all is good, teeth have not moved) in the office again, wouldn't that free up your schedule some, make your office less busy and make chair time for more profitable procedures? 
  • Less lab bills for you and the uncomfortable situation of charging for lost retainers. We make the retainers for you and the cost falls on them, where it should be.
  • If a customer comes to me through the internet and is interested in straightening their teeth, I will send them to your office for a consultation.
How can you help me? 
  • I would love to be able to get scans on customers that come to RD through the internet. I pay your staff to take scans on RD customers in your office and this offsets the cost of your membership fee for your existing and future patients. In short, you become a scan center for RD and we offer your patients membership in Retain4life free of charge.
  • The only other way you can help me is to share your professional experience with Retainers Direct with myself so I can improve and make the system better. 
In a nutshell, I am looking for orthodontic partners to allow me to make replacement retainers for their long term retention patients. These orthodontic partners would also serve as scan centers for Retainers Direct to serve our online patients. The benefit to you is less patients in the office that do not generate income

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