As with any item you use regularly, there will come a day when you need to replace your dental retainer. But how do you know when the time is right? There are a few surefire ways to tell that it's time to replace your clear retainer.

1. Your Dental Retainer Is Damaged

When you wear your dental retainer every day and tote it around with you, it's bound to end up with damage at some point. This could be a crack, which can happen over time as your clear plastic retainer ages. It could also be deformed if left in extreme heat for too long, like a hot car in the summertime. You may even have holes in your retainer due to Bruxism, or teeth grinding. In all of these instances, you will need to get a replacement dental retainer. You don't want to accidentally hurt your gums on jagged plastic!

2. It Shows Signs Of Aging

There are many indications that your clear retainer is getting old and should be replaced. Some of the signs are more obvious than others, such as calcium deposits, discoloration, or unpleasant odors — anything that makes you not want to put the retainer in your mouth.

Another more serious sign of a dental retainer's age is plastic fatigue. The plastic of your clear retainer gets stretched out little by little as you take it on and off each day. Over time, this will make the plastic loose and diminish the retainer's effectiveness. A properly fitting clear retainer will feel quite snug, as it is perfectly molded to your teeth to keep them from shifting out of alignment. If you can remove your retainer with almost no effort, it's probably too loose and in need of replacement.

3. Your Teeth Have Shifted

Some people neglect to wear their dental retainers, whether they forget or are so excited to be free of braces that they just don't want to. While there are some people with teeth that shift very little, most of the population will experience changes in their bite alignment throughout their lives. Without using a clear retainer at night, you may find that it no longer fits when you go to wear it. You will need to get a replacement retainer that fits your teeth's new alignment to keep your teeth from shifting any further.

Getting A Replacement Is Easy With Retainers Direct

Rather than carving out time in your schedule for an orthodontist appointment, you can have a dental retainer sent right to your door. Simply take impressions of your teeth with our impression kit, send them back to us, and receive a new retainer without ever leaving the comfort of your home.We keep didgital renders of your teeth so that you can get one with no hassle when the time comes for a replacement. We even give you a carrying case to help protect your dental retainers from damage! Our clear retainers are orthodontist-certified, so you can feel confident that the products you receive will keep your teeth looking beautiful. Order your clear retainers from Retainers Direct today.