When figuring out how to get a retainer, it’s important to understand how important they are to maintaining the alignment of your teeth. Dental retainers are precisely customized to your teeth, so you can’t simply go to the drug store and pick out a mouth guard or other fitting. An over-the-counter option won’t retain your bite as it should. Following one of these two options is essential for keeping your smile dazzling.

Schedule An Office Visit

Frquently, it can seem easiest to visit the orthodontist who fitted you with braces or other teeth aligners. They can take a mold of your teeth in the office to give you a custom removable retainer. Unfortunately, the price of retainers — even clear retainers — will fluctuate greatly based onYour dentist's or orthodontist's location. If your specialist is in a metropolitan area, you might pay up to $600 per retainer. This price goes for replacements, too.

Order Online

Professional-grade clear retainers are now available online. This method is more convenient than scheduling an office visit because the molding kit will be sent right to your door. The cost is generally far less than what your orthodontist will charge, and the price for replacements is even lower.

Get Your Clear Retainers The Retainers Direct Way

Retainers Direct will send our at-home retainer kit directly to you so that you can create impressions of your teeth in the same way we do at our orthodontist office. Our team of highly experienced dental specialists will then use the impressions you created to deliver the perfect retainer for your bite. All of our clear retainers are made under the supervision of a board-certified orthodontist using the same materials you’d receive from your normal orthodontist.

Better yet, consider our clear retainers and teeth whitening bundle to not only keep your smile straight but also whiten your teeth in the process.

To answer any further questions about the buying and molding process, visit our How To Buy page. Then, simply order your clear retainers right from the website, and you’ll be on your way to a lasting, beautiful smile!