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Get custom clear retainers anytime you want for 49.99

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What is a Retainers Direct membership?

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 Custom clear retainers whenever you like
Membership lasts for three years 
Unlimited retainers for 49.99 
We take your perfect impression and convert it to a 3D printable
   file and print a perfect 3D model of your teeth.
We then send you a welcome kit with your 3D models that you can     send back to us anytime and we will make you a fresh set of                 retainers
- Delivered directly to your home.

How Does The Membership Work?

 After the initial cost, you will have access to unlimited retainers for just 49.99 each for three years made directly from your 3D models. We only need an impression the first time and then we will convert it to a 3D STL file. When you need a fresh retainer, just send us your model and order online from your log.

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It's Better To Stick With Retainers Direct.

We use gold standard Zendura material for all of our clear retainers. That means your retainers will be ultra clear, highly stain resistant, and last for an average 5 years! This plastic is also BPA, phthalate and Gluten free. At Retainers Direct, we offer a 100% money back guarantee up to sixty days, because the best material makes the best retainers. Guaranteed. 

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