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Are you frustrated when your patient's beautiful smile starts to become a crooked mess? 

Custom clear  retainers made from the STL file you send us

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A common issue facing the general practitioner is orthodontic relapse and natural tooth movement as patients get older. Both of these scenarios can be devastating for your patients as they see their perfect smiles slowly degrade. Crooked teeth are harder to keep clean and are more prone to decay and periodontal issues. Fortunately, this is easily preventable with retainers from Retainers Direct. 

Why Retainers Direct

Long term retention after orthodontic treatment is often not actively monitored by the orthodontist. Teeth move and crowd over time and this can affect the long term health of teeth. Sleeping in a clear retainer stops the crowding of teeth and protects the teeth from minor clenching and grinding.

What We Do

At Retainers Direct we make low cost, high quality custom clear retainers. These retainers are made from an STL you send us through our secure portal.

How We Do It

All you need to do is take an accurate VPS impression or digital scan and let us do the rest.

As a Retainers Direct provider you will be able to provide your patients with the very best in orthodontic retention at an affordable price point that still leaves profit for you. We have designed a program that trains the staff and patients about the importance of sleeping in a retainer. Our hope is that every patient will bring their clear retainers to each visit so you can monitor the fit and look for signs of clenching and grinding. When the retainers wear out, just order a new set on the secure portal and we make fresh retainers from the initial scans you sent us.

This is a new recurring revenue stream for your office that truly helps you and your patients. Our program doesn't cost you anything so contact us today to get started.

How It Works

1. You sign up with a single doctor/practice information form.
2. We send you a welcome kit with branded promotional material to use in your office and emails to send to your existing patients.
3. We get you a login to our secure, HIPPA compliant cloud based portal
4. When you are ready to submit a patient you simply log in, fill out a short patient lab form and attach an STL (from whatever scanner you have) file and hit submit.
5. We will print a 3D model of your patient and send you Zendura A clear retainers and 3D models for future retainers.

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