1. Step One: Select the impression tray that fits your mouth best. Stand in front of the mirror.

2. Step Two: Open one set of putty, one base and one catalyst. Ensure that your hands are clean to prevent dust or dirt from contaminating the putty.

3. Step Three: Use fingers to knead the impression material to a uniform color. It is best to do this within 45 seconds or less.

4. Step Four: Roll into the shape of a log; lay the log in the upper tray in a 'U' shape that mimics the shape of your teeth. Do not smash down. The log should go all the way to the back of the tray.

5. Step Five: Place the tray in your mouth so your teeth are positioned over the center of th putty log. Press the tray straight up in place with your thumbs for 3 minutes without moving the tray.

6. Step Six: Open the mouth and pull the tray straight down to remove.

7. Step Seven: Repeat procedure with the properly fitting lower tray. You will get a perfect impression.


  • Do not use rubber gloves when you mix the putty. 
  • The working time and setting time will be affected by temperature. 


Protect against moisture and keep in a dry place.