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Follow the instructions closely to get the best possible impressions.

Step 1


Ensure that your teeth are clean and dry before starting the impression procedure. Rinse your mouth with water or an antiseptic mouthwash to reduce the bacteria in the mouth.  Stand in front of the mirror in a well lit place and have a timer set to 3 minutes and 30 seconds ready to go.

Step 2

Select the correct tray

Choose a tray that best fits your mouth comfortably and provides enough space for the impression material. If you are unsure, please choose the largest tray you can fit all the way in your mouth and can push up(or down) fully till your teeth touch the bottom of the tray. You should not feel any pain.

Selecting the wrong impression tray can lead to inaccuracies in the final restoration. To avoid an incomplete capture.

If neither fit, please email us at smile@retainersdirect.comso we can assist you.

Step 3

Mix the impression material

Mix the two putties provided (one base, one catalyst) until a uniform blue color is achieved.If the putty has a swirled appearance it is not mixed fully and will not set  Roll the mixed putty into a sausage shape about 5 inches long.

Step 4

Load The Tray

Place the impression material into the tray in a U shape. Flatten the log lightly with clean hands. Your teeth are going to go into the middle of this U shaped log and you should have sufficient material on the inside and outside of your teeth.

Moisture is the enemy of impression materials,excess saliva will cause bubbles and distortions in your impressions. To minimize saliva, inhale with your lips away from your teeth so the air dries your teeth. Do this right before you put the impression material in your mouth.

Step 5

Seat The Tray

Place the tray into your mouth and push it up(or down) fully until your teeth almost touch the bottom of the tray. Use your thumbs to push up the upper tray or two fingers to press down the lower. You should feel the putty fill the area between your teeth and your lips.. After the tray is fully seated. Pull your lip out and over the putty in the front and release.

Step 6

Hold The Tray

Hold the tray in place for 3 minutes and 30 seconds(set a timer) for the material to set. Do not move the tray after it is in position, this will cause distortions in your impression.

Our impression material has a specific working time, if you take out the impression early, the material will shrink and distort and we will get an inaccurate impression.

Step 7

Remove The Tray

Gently remove the tray from your mouth by breaking the seal in the back. Pull the impression straight down (or up) to remove the impression. Do not twist or pull it forcefully as this can distort the impression.

Do not remove the impression tray by applying all your pressure to the fronthand piece. Start on your back molars and slowly work your way to the front area applying pressure throughout the entire impression tray. Do not remove the putty material from the tray.

Step 8

Inspect the impression

Check the impression for:

Air Bubbles

Air bubbles can cause holes in the impression and may compromise its accuracy.

Verify that all teeth are visible

Make sure that the impression has captured all sides of each tooth.You should be able to see the gum line clearly around each tooth.

Check for distortions

Look for any areas of the impression that appear stretched, elongated, or distorted. Distortions in the impression can make it difficult for us to accurately assess your teeth and may result in the need for a new impression.

Inspect the margins (gum line)

Make sure that the margins of the impression are well-defined and have captured the full contour of your teeth. Margins that are poorly defined can make it difficult for us to get an accurate picture of your teeth.

Step 9

Rinse and disinfect the impression

Rinse the impression under running water to remove any debris or saliva. Disinfect the impression by spraying with a disinfectant if you have one.

Send our team a picture of your impression to before mailing to ensure we will be able to continue.

Step 10

Package and send the impression

Place the impression in the enclosed addressed envelope and drop it in the mail. GREAT JOB! We will get started on your new retainers.

Please take time and read the instructions fully before you start. 

Our retainer can only be as good as the impressions YOU send us.

Congrats, You're On Your Last Step To A Better Smile!


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