Retain4Life is our membership program that allows you to replace your retainers as often as you like for a discounted price. We will scan your impressions (or take a scan from your orthodontist) and use the STL file  to print a 3D model that we can use over and over to make new retainers. 
359.00 initial membership fee
  • Includes Perfect Impression Kit and first set of upper and lower retainers.
  • Each additional retainer is 49.00 for the period of three years
  • Only applies to people that wear retainers nightly. If your teeth move because of a lost retainer that was not replaced right away, then our saved model will be different from your teeth. This will require a new impression kit and an additional cost.
  • Alightener Foam can be sent monthly( or whenever you want it) at a discounted price (10.00 per container versus 14.00). This is the best product to keep your retainers white and brighten your smile!
This is a great program for kids that lose their retainers or college age kids that can't keep track of their retainers. Also a great way to always have a fresh retainer and a spare if you lose one.